136 Roofs

75 Interior Repairs

29 Wells

27 Demos

MaryAnn will be complete soon.
Vasheda’s interior is almost finished.
Move in is right around the corner for Desiree and family.

BNL Construction Services, LLC. partnered with us in assisting with the demo needs of 27 families.

Owner Brooks of BNL Construction made sure Diane was able to retrieve what was so dear to her before starting the demo of her home.

CPS has completed 4 new build interiors, the NFI LTRG office interior, the interior of the new office for the Chipola Baptist Association, and the interior needs of 20 homeowners.

Ms. Davis going over house plans with James of Christian Public Services before they begin her interior.

HarvestCall has built 5 homes, completed 9 interior repairs with 6 in progress.

Paisley is hanging out wit her new friend, Malea; a volunteer with HarvestCall as they rebuild her home.