Who we are:

The Storm:

On Oct. 10, 2018 Hurricane Michael made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane in Mexico Beach, Florida. With unprecedented force, the hurricane maintained its Category 4 strength as it continued inland to devastate a 100-mile wide path from the coast of Florida to the Georgia state line.

Calhoun and Jackson counties were two of the inland counties hit the hardest by Michael’s sustained winds of 150+ mph which blew through for more than four straight hours. The wreckage left is unmatched. Nearly 75 percent of all structures in Calhoun and Jackson counties received significant to catastrophic damage.


Long term recovery from disasters such as Hurricane Michael begin and end with the local communities. Today, community and faith-based leaders, as well as non-profit partners from across North Florida have joined to take on long term recovery in Calhoun and Jackson counties. The newly formed North Florida Inland Long Term Recovery Group is working closely with Carlene Anders of the Disaster Leadership Team to develop a strong organization that will help facilitate the rebuilding of these inland communities.

The North Florida Inland Long Term Recovery Group works to coordinate recovery services and build resiliency for individuals, families and entities adversely impacted by the 2018 Hurricane Michael in Calhoun and Jackson counties.