Two years later, the impacts of Hurricane Michael persist in the Florida Panhandle

BLOUNTSTOWN — It’s been two years since Hurricane Michael barreled into the Panhandle. But Molly Glass is still dealing with its wrath.

The storm’s Category 5 winds had split her house, a double-wide in Blountstown along the Chipola River. It wasn’t until January — more than a year after the storm — that a local charity was finally able to install a new roof on her home.

But months later, one morning in June, Glass heard a sharp crack echo through her home.

She jumped out of bed and ran toward the sound. To her horror, she saw an arch of electrical current shooting out of a power outlet in the bathroom. The room filled with smoke.

As Glass flipped the main breaker, her husband scooped up their 18-month-old grandson and they ran out of the house.

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