Calhoun County Prescription Assistance Program

This service to our communities is provided FREE of Charge through the Panhandle Area Health Network, INC.

Do you need help getting your prescription medicines?If you have a chronic illness and need prescription medicines, have high deductibles or cannot afford to buy them, and meet the qualifications for the program, we may be able to help you.

Located at the Blountstown Public Library, Blountstown 850-674-8773 Monday – Thursday 9 – 4 (Ask for Jessica)

Walk Ins are welcome.


  • Pharmacy Printout (Year to Date)
  • List of Meds from Doctor
  • Income Verification for Everyone in Household
  • Medically Needy Letter/Assistance Letter/Medicaid
  • Low Income Subsidy/Extra SS Help Acceptance/Denial
  • Current Income Tax Records
  • Social Security Benefits Letter
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Pension Information
  • Disability Letter
  • Estimate of Monthly Medical Expenses
  • All Medicine Bottles (Rx and Over the Counter Medicines)
  • Medicare Card (if on Medicare)
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card
  • Any Other Insurance Card


  • We will fill out the application forms for your medicines that are listed on the program.
  • Forms will be sent to your doctor for signature and prescriptions.
  • When we get the forms back, we will finish the application and send to a pharmaceutical company.
  • It is at that time that the decision is made as to whether you are eligible. We have nothing to do with these decisions.
  • If you do not qualify for a particular medication, you or your doctor will be notified and you need to let us know.
  • If you are eligible, your medicine will be sent to your home or doctor’s office.
  • When you receive your medicine you are to notify this office as soon as possible.
  • We need to know what medicines you received, the amount you received and the dosage.
  • You also need to bring to this office the PACKING SLIPS you received with your medicines. THIS IS A MUST. Be sure to ask the person at the doctor’s office for the packing slips, telling them PAP needs them.